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Welcome! You've made a wise decision to advertise on the Darksites network (DSN) of gothic and horror entertainment. I know you're probably just interested in the facts so I won't insult you with the hype. Your ads will appear on some pretty great sites and premium domains like;,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more!

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  • The network receives approximately 400,000 visitors per month with over 1,000,000 pageviews. Once additional information is available, ie. stats or demographics, we'll be providing it here.

    Your advertisement across the entire network for 1 month is only $99.

    Important: You must already have a quality site in a category related to the interests of our readers. It should be a site that we would feel comfortable recommending anyway. With that in mind, your url and creative (fancy advertising term for your banner or button) should be approved before we get started. Your ad will appear on every single site in the network, but there are only -8- spots available so reserve yours now by sending an email to

    Your ad rate is guaranteed for 1 month at a time. If you wish to continue your campaign, please remember to make arrangements prior to your ad expiration. Your ad will automatically expire if you do not renew. Please check the sites in the network for an idea where your buttons will be displayed. The buttons are semi-static. This means they will be displayed with almost every pageview for maximum impressions. However, with only 8 spots being sold and some sites only having room for 4 or 5 buttons, these will rotate on the few sites where ad inventory is greater than available ad space. The button spots are considered hardlinks. They link directly to your site without going through a script or redirect on our end.

    Need our help with a banner design? We can refer you to an excellent graphic designer that is very reasonably priced.

    Prefer something custom to your needs? Please contact us with what you have in mind.

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    Note, the list above contains an approximate list of domain names at the time of update. We routinely add new sites and let others expire, so some sites may no longer be available.